Environmental Tech.

Environmental Science Technician

Job Description: Atlantic Resource Co, LLC is seeking qualified individuals to join our team of natural resource consultants. The Environmental Science Technician will assist with protected natural resource identification and delineation, GPS location, plan drafting and reporting. They will also assist with soil surveys, test pit descriptions, subsurface wastewater disposal system design, and reporting.

The position will be approximately 3/4 fieldwork and 1/4 office work.  The position requires working outdoors in all weather conditions and in varied terrain.

The successful applicant must have a 2- or 4-year degree in the environmental science, forestry, soil science, biology, botany, wildlife or ecological field, or be working on a degree.  Experience with CAD and GIS software preferred. Successful applicant must be able to work outdoors in all conditions. Familiarity with wetland delineation, GPS use, soil test pit description,botany and/or subsurface wastewater disposal is helpful but not necessary.  Compensation and benefits depend on experience.

Please contact: Roger St. Amand


PO Box 76 188 Harbor Drive

Bass Harbor, ME 04653


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